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Triangle For Engineering & Trading Company is a privately owned Company, established to serve a number of industries, including Oil & Gas, Mining, Power & Energy generation, Building & road construction.

The company was established to provide world-leading electric power generation products, construction materials, air compressors, welding machines, water pumps, power & safety tools. It aims at supplying its customers with first class integrated Products that perfectly fits into their requirements.

We invite you to explore the world of our reliable & sustainable products. Our unique comprehensive offering covers a wide spectrum of products for day-to-day living, leisure activities, manufacturing and industrial machinery that helps businesses achieve their strategic goals.

Our Vision

We believe that the synergy between Experience and Knowledge along with converging the value of satisfaction and comfort of mind with a strong emphasis on continuous improvement & constant value addition will put Triangle in the pole position of engineering and power products market in Sudan and the region.

Our Mission

Armed with honesty and ethics, we strive to provide the kind of quality our customers need thru distinctive services and solutions, attaining customer satisfaction and commercial success. We always look for sustaining welfare between people and environment while paying attention to the prosperity of our society.

Corporate Culture

We Consider “customers” as partners. We nurture a trusted long-term relationships with partners to achieve success and growth. Triangle is committed to its partners, employees, shareholders and community.